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Racer's Corner


Justin Fales TQ and wins at Force series race "Round 4" this past weekend. Alfredo Arrieta takes 2nd giving Kosmic a 1, 2 punch and showing just how strong this young team is.

Using Kosmic Fuel, DJ Apolaro takes the TQ and 1st place for Sedan in the 2014 Winternats.

Kosmic Fuel takes first and second at the KO Race this past weekend. Congratulations to DJ Apolaro and Billy Bowerman.

Tri State Challenge: TQ, Track Record and Win in GT. Kosmic Fuel powered.

Empire State Classic: TQ, Track Record and Win using Kosmic Fuel

Our Kosmic Team finished 1,2 and 3 Yesterday at Mills Pond.

Justin took 3rd at the Force Off Road State race this past weekend.

1st Stage Year Closure Regional Championship - Bogota / Class : Nitro Buggy 1/8th
Car : Agama A8 EVO / Engine : GO GXII5R-HO .21 + GO 2072 Pipe / Tires : VP Pro Striker EVO
Fuel : Kosmic 30%
Qualifying : TQ and track record / Final Position on A-Main : First !

DJ Apolaro got the TQ and win in the 2012 GLC thanks to Kosmic Fuel.

DJ Apolaro using Kosmic Fuel takes the TQ in both classes and the win in 1/8 scale at the 2012 Novarossi Challenge.

Using Kosmic Fuel, Alfredo won both classes in Miami.

Kosmic Fuel Team, Kenny Ives and DJ Apolaro won Airtronics Race in California.

Using Kosmic Fuel, John Cravotta TQ'ed and won Truggy and finished 2nd in Buggy in the Season Opener Nitro Race at RC Madness.

Florida State Race round 5 1/8 scale podium.

Florida State Race round 5 Sedan podium.

Kosmic Fuel takes 1st and 2nd place for sedan in State Race #4.

Ronnie takes the 1/8 scale 1st place in round 4 of the Florida State Race using Kosmic Fuel.

This past weekend was our make up race for our 2nd state series race,the fuel as always easy on the tuning and great power,I ran 25% On-Road blend and all weekend long never had to readjust my tuning , I was able to set TQ, 1st place and fast lap thanks to Kosmic RC Fuel

Kosmic RC Fuel strikes BIG at the 2011 Nationals, taking the 200mm National title with DJ Apolaro. Also taking 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 in the 1/8 scale class. Having more drivers in the 1/8 scale final than any other brand.

"Kosmic RC Fuel" sweeps the first race of the Florida State Series in Sedan. Congratz to Rino, Ashton and Eduardo.

Congratz to Ronnie for the podium finish at the first State Race at Homestead using Kosmic RC Fuel.

Kosmic RC Fuel takes it all at the 2011 Xray Challenge. Chaplin CT, home of the 2011 Nationals, hosted the Xray Challenge and DJ Apolaro took the TQ and Win in both the 1/8 Scale and Sedan classes. Komsic is keeping it moving!

Congrats to Jay Livingstone for taking Kosmic RC Fuel with his Truggy to the TQ spot and 2nd place in the Region 1 Race. Jay was also able to qualify 2nd in Buggy as well. Great job and glad to see the fuel's working so well in the OFF-Road scene.

Kenny Ives takes the 1/8 scale TQ and 3rd place at the 2011 Novarossi Race in Chaplin CT.

Congrats to Paulie B for his 7th place finish in the A Main after a well deserved bump up in the 2011 Novarossi Challenge.

Junior takes 2nd place in the B Main at the 2011 Byron's Challenge using "Kosmic Fuel". Junior is really coming along and has started to travel. Should make for a great new Forgass series next season. He will be on fire for the Florida boys for sure.

Kosmic TQ's and win's Region 4 Title.

Pilot's Corner

Rino Lino preparing for the FAI World Championship in South Africa using a YS170 with Kosmic 30% F3A Fuel.

Francisco getting ready for the 2011 IRCHA Jamboree.

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Rino Lino does 66 mph with a sedan at Homestead RC raceway using Kosmic Fuel New Formula. Also a new qualifying record of 24 laps at 7.14 and new fastest lap record of 17.3 seconds

Kosmic Fuel debut in MEXICO during 2013 Nitro Open Offroad Championship in Puebla City. People that tried the fuel repeated constantly that they felt the difference in punch and temperature reduction. At 2.000+ meters over sea level, you need to use a good fuel!

Kosmic Fuel TQ's and Wins at the Region 4 Championships. Eduardo Cabal took 1st place in Sedan and Kenny Ives did in 1/8 Scale.

DJ Apolaro using Kosmic Fuel takes the TQ in both classes and the win in 1/8 scale at the 2012 Novarossi Challenge.

Kosmic Fuel Team, Kenny Ives and DJ Apolaro won Airtronics Race in California.

Kosmic Fuel has pure Domination in round 5 of the Florida State Series taking all the podium spots in Sedan and the Win/3rd place in 1/8 scale. Also having 9 of 10 cars for the sedan final and 5 of 10 cars in the 1/8 final.

Kosmic RC Fuel sweeps the fourth round of Florida State Series taking the WIN in both classes. Ronnie Regalado takes the 1/8 scale class and DJ Apolaro takes the sedan.

Kosmic RC Fuel shows up BIG at this years ON-Road Nationals in Chaplin CT. This was the first year for Kosmic RC Fuel as a company and the results were just amazing. Being able to Win the Sedan class after an intense race and having 50% of the racers in the 1/8 Scale final, taking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 10th. We would like to thank all the supporters at this event and the host track for having such a great facility.

Kosmic RC Fuel has most fuel support at this years 2011 Novarossi Challenge and claiming the most spots in the 1/8 scale final. Having more than half the racers using Kosmic's fuel out of the 10 finalist shows the true potential on the product. Thanks to all the supporters for using our products and we look forward to being at the next event. Heard everyone had a great time. Special thanks to Kenny Ives for holding the event and congrats on your TQ in 1/8 scale.